We Look Forward to Your Audition

Here are some tips for a successful audition

Treat your audition as you would any professional job interview.

Be on time for your audition – and that means ready to go by your call time.

If there is an on-time issue, call as much in advance as possible so we can re-direct our schedule.

If there is an emergency and you can’t make it, call as much in advance as possible.

Be professional and focused on your work from the moment you arrive for your audition until you leave the building.

Even if you have sent a resume and headshot electronically, bring a copy. Our print of your web-sized headshot may not serve you well.

It’s okay to dress in a style that is reflective of the character you’re playing but don’t come in costume and makeup. We want to see who you are not just a character.

If your headshot isn’t professionally produced, make sure it at least looks like you and there are no distractions in the shot. Avoid photos where you’re wearing too much makeup or your hair is overly done.

We tape our auditions and you will be asked to “slate.” What it means is that you should state your name and if you are there courtesy some talent agency, name the agency, and the character you’re trying out for.

Your audition may include sides we’ve provided to review prior to the audition or we may ask you to read cold or even prepare a monologue.

Your performance matters to us. If you don’t feel you’ve done your best and you want another try, ask for it. We’ll usually say yes if time permits.

You Got the Part – Congratulations!

If you are cast you’ll be asked to sign a contract that includes a release, a non-disclosure, and a hold harmless statement. These are typical documents that protect our company and you as well.

You will be asked to attend rehearsals, and one or more shot dates. Your contract will spell out the details as clearly as possible.

If we hire you for a paid position you’ll be asked to fill out an I-9 form and provide proof that you are legal to work in the US. A W-9 may also be required for anyone making more than $600 per year.

We Didn’t Cast You – THIS TIME.

Obviously, we can only cast one person for each role but even if you’re not cast your participation in our process is greatly appreciated and we will remember you for future projects. Sign up to be a member of our site and we’ll keep you posted!